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Each year thousands of Australians travel there in order to experience the rich cultural and historical heritage and the renowned hospitality of the Turkish people. Especially during the Anzac Day,thousands of Australians New Zealander and also Turkish people travel to Gallipoli Peninsula to experience the Anzac Day Commemoration. Below you can find some tips regarding what you need before you travel to Turkey and what you need during the Anzac Day Programme.

Before you Travel
The better prepared you are, the more enjoyable and safe your travel will be.

* Organise comprehensive travel insurance which covers emergency treatment, hospitalisation, medical evacuation and repatriation to Australia, if necessary. Otherwise, you could be forced to pay excessive medical costs. Overseas medical costs are not covered by Medicare. Remember, if you cannot afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel.
* Contact the Turkish Embassy to fi nd out about visas for Turkey. Australian tourists visiting Turkey may generally obtain a tourist visa upon arrival for $US20 (approximately AUD$35.00) but visa conditions and costs are subject to change, so double-check the visa requirements before you travel.

During April, the Gallipoli Peninsula can experience extremely cold temperatures at night, with high temperatures during the day. You should be prepared for these weather conditions, and carry waterproof clothing, warm clothes and sunscreen with you. There is no shelter available at the commemorative sites, and there may be limited access to coaches during the commemorations. The large crowds, limited public utilities, traffic and security arrangements can result in waiting periods. Visitors should expect to walk several kilometres throughout the day.

Visitors are prohibited from taking the following to commemorative services:

  • alcohol
  • large backpacks (daypacks only permitted)
  • camping equipment (tents and portable stoves etc)
  • weapons of any kind.

Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to attend the commemorative services. Visitors are reminded that the consumption of alcohol and the lighting of fires are prohibited in the Gallipoli Peninsula Peace Park. The Turkish law has severe penalties for the possession of drugs.

Visitors should take particular care on roads and walking paths within the national park. A high level of caution should be exercised around drop offs and road cuttings due to the fragility and instability of the area. All visitors are asked to:

  • strictly obey safety signage and directions;
  • be alert to traffic movements;
  • be aware of hazards from uneven surfaces; and
  • be alert to the danger that soft road edges may give way
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